Proveïdor d'Internet Satèl.lit NASSAT - Alta Capacitat.

DGNSS per a Aplicacions DP - GPS i GLONASS

NASSAT ofereix serveis de posicionament DGPS d'alt rendiment per a aplicacions terrestres, marítimes i aèries. Marge d'error entre 5 i 10cm. El sistema es caracteritza per equip receptor portàtil, adequada per al muntatge en vehicles, vaixells, trípodes o l'ús "de motxilla".

NASSAT supports applications across a wide range of industries including agricultura (Precisió farming),Land Survey, Construction, and Mapping & GIS. Aerial applications include crop dusting and Geophysical surveys. NASSAT is also being adopted es a vital component for autonomous vehicle operations.

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Since 1994 NASSAT ha rebut una providing services to the agricultural industry. NASSAT provides a means to maximize agronomically and control some of the variability associated with crop production, allowing farmers to optimise yield, while minimizing input costs.

Precision farming techniques can benefit all aspects of the crop production cycle from seedbed preparation through to harvest. The NASSAT range of services are extremely useful for:

  • Auto-steer machine guidance control
  • Ground and aerial variable rate applications
  • Tillage depth
  • Drilling rate
  • Soil sampling
  • Mapping and boundary marking
  • Using seasonally for harvesting, spreading, seeding and Spraying

Surveying, Mining & Construction


Simplify processes by using NASSAT s range of high accuracy DGNSS solutions. With NASSAT, companies can be assured of reliable, necessiti and accurate global coverage to meet requirements for all international operations.

By using NASSAT, companies can ensure that locations of boreholes, survey markers and other site data is correct, saving time and Preventing Costly mistakes.The NASSAT DGNSS service can also assist various industries with machine control applications. For example, by using NASSAT s high accuracy positioning solutions, mining operators can ensure boreholes are drilled in a well controlled pattern using predefined blast hole coordinates without the need for site markers.

NASSAT is an essential tool in:

  • Land Surveying
  • Mineria
  • Onshore drilling
  • Seismic survey
  • Pre-survey tool

Mapping & GIS

Companies in remote locations can trust NASSAT to supply Convenient and reliable positioning solutions. NASSAT s solutions allow for data collection and 'set out' activities to be performed anywhere in the world with minimal set up and without the need for large capital outlay.

NASSAT s services will provide completi confidence that plotted survey data is reliable and accurate. NASSAT is also compatible with a wide range of GPS equipment available from major equipment manufacturers.

NASSAT assists GIS companies to successfully undertake a variety industry related tasks including:

  • Agriculture & Forestry condition surveys
  • L'adquisició de dades
  • Cable and pipeline location
  • Boundary surveys
  • Emergency management procedures
  • Irrigation surveys
  • Landscape surveys
  • Mapping utilities lines and assets
  • Resource mapping
  • Stake out for construction mapping
  • Utility mapping


NASSAT Improves the quality of results in:

  • Airborne Geophysics
  • Aerial photogrammetry
  • Aviation photogrammetry
  • Defense applications
  • Avionics testing

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